Pêche en Herbe

Pêche en herbe holds an important place at the center of the Association's mission since its foundation. Concerned about the lack of young people on the region's lakes, the administrators quickly understood that raising awareness among young people had to be an integral part of the Association's DNA. Thus, the first edition of Pêche en herbe pour l'Association was held in the spring of 2002. In preparation for each edition, our teams of volunteers seed the 2 main lakes of the territory with speckled trout.

Pêche en herbe is a day where the young people of the region are invited to fish on the Association's lakes. Supervised by our administrators and volunteers, the children are introduced to fishing techniques on Quebec lakes. The children leave with a fishing rod, a fishing permit valid until they turn 18 and, of course, their catch of the day.

Thank you to our partners who have supported us all these years:

Introduction to Hunting With Snares

Between 2008 and 2014, an introductory activity to hunting with snares  was held every fall. Thanks to the financial support of the Fédération québécoise des chasseurs et des pêcheurs, a group of young people accompanied our guides for 2 days. During this activity, the children were introduced to the techniques of hare collaring, which is very abundant on the territory. They then spend the night in a shelter on the territory or go home to return the next day. The next day, the snares are collected, along with the night's catch, and the children leave with the captured hares.

Thanks to our partner: Fédération québécoise des chasseurs et des pêcheurs

Introduction to Ice Fishing

In 2011 and 2012, a winter ice-fishing activity was organized to introduce children to this form of fishing in our area. Since the territory is more difficult to access in winter, the participating children were taken by bus to Ville de La Baie. A visit to the Musée du Fjord was planned in the morning, and then the afternoon was devoted to ice fishing. The children were taught the basics of ice fishing and even managed to catch a few smelt.