Great Loop of the Morios

The Great Loop of the Morios Trail is the completion of the initial hiking plan. Including the Waterfalls Trail, the Mont des Morios-Nord Trail and the Mont des Morios Trail, it allows you to complete a long loop through the mountains of the territory before returning to your starting point. Offering a variety of natural habitats along its route, you will see moose, hares, black bears, spruce grouse, sometimes woodland caribou and much more.

Although some experienced hikers complete the loop in one day, it is strongly recommended that you do it in 2 days. The steep terrain and frequent stops to take in the view make the progress quite slow. A night with a completely clear 360° view in total darkness will allow you to enjoy the starry sky as it is rarely possible to do!

Length : 25 Km
Vertical drop: 500 m (you will have to go up and down several mountains, which greatly increases the actual vertical drop)
Level: Advanced

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