What's the Membership Card ?

The Association's membership card is proof that you are an annual member. It is the ONLY card accepted by the Association. At a cost of $10, it gives you unlimited access to the territory and to the activities offered. It is also the main source of income for the Association. These funds are essential to the maintenance and development of the infrastructures that allow us to receive you. 

We also charge a symbolic fee for the rental of our shelters to keep them in good condition and ensure that they meet your expectations. Consult the fee chart for more details.

Where Can I Buy a Member Card?

Membership cards, at a cost of $10, are available at these addresses:

Dépanneur du Lac Brulé
262, rue Principale
St-Aimé des Lacs, Qc
G0T 1S0

Marché des montagnes
24, rue Principale
Notre-Dame des Monts, Qc
G0T 1L0
[email protected]

Online Purchase

To get your electronic Member Card, please visit our store:

 Purchase A Member Card