Construction of mountain bike trails

Our territory is very mountainous. Since mountain biking has many enthusiasts in Quebec, it is important for the association to provide them with a network of trails where they can have fun while enjoying the beauty of the area. A few sites are currently being studied and discussions with Vélo-Québec are underway to develop the best plan.

Extending the Snowshoe Trail

In order to provide an experience worthy of the endurance of great winter athletes, we plan to extend the snowshoe trail to join the Association's current trails. This plan calls for the construction of a footbridge over the Rivière du Gouffre, and the tracing of several kilometres of additional trails. 

Construction of Dry Toilets

As the popularity of the site continues to grow, certain observations must be made in terms of health needs. To allow hikers to enjoy nature as clean as possible, we will initiate the construction of dry toilets in strategic places along the trails.

Opening of a new branch of the Waterfalls Trail

Recent exploration has uncovered additional waterfalls on a tributary of the Rivière des Islets. Further expeditions are planned to determine the possibility of a trail at this location as well as the best potential route. Once completed, this trail will be a splendid addition to our trail network.